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Meeting Information

Next Meeting: Thursday, May 26, 7:30 PM
Meeting Prep 
  • PLs: Call Patrol members to remind about attending the Troop Meeting

Service Patrol: ________Patrol

  • Bugler Call to Colors; Service Patrol Flag Ceremony

Patrol Decorum: Class A

  • Uniform inspection at beginning of Troop meeting
  • All Patrols display Patrol flags
Patrol yell from all Patrols will be required at the beginning of the meeting so we know you’re here
Meeting Topics:  May 26 Board of Review (BOR) Signup: 
  • This is last BOR before June 16 COH
  • Put name on list on stage

All Scouts:

  • Bring in Handbooks
  • Rank Requirements have been updated; Insert will be provided
  • Current Requirements achieved will be reconciled with updated Requirements
  • Place Handbooks on stage for safekeeping and computer advancement updates

New Scout Patrol:

  • Work on Scout Rank requirements together

Current Scout Patrol:

  • Lightning Patrol finalize overnight trip
  • Other Patrols continue working with ASM and Patrol Leader to plan their overnight trip using hiking route maps previously given out

Older Scout Patrol:

  • Create Troop Leadership training program using NYLT Training
  • Provide training to SPL, ASPLs, PLs, APLs, Appointed Positions
  • Star and Life Scouts only: Special Eagle Required Merit Badge Sessions to be provided during Troop Meetings
May 26 Special Session: International Food Festival presented by CitWorld Scouts



First Aid Merit Badge

  • Mr. Dziedzic will be at the May 26 meeting for one last make-up session
  • You must attend to go over the answers you gave on the test with Mr. Dziedzic
  • Completed First Aid Merit Badge Blue card will only be provided if you know the material and can knowledgably discuss it with him

Emergency Prep and Family Life Merit Badges

  • Sessions to be provided at CUMC on Wednesday evening at 700pm
  • These Merit Badges are open to all Current and Older Scouts

May 26 Troop Meeting: Board of Review

Scoutmaster Conferences:

  • Will not be held the night of a BOR
    • Must be completed in an earlier meeting (May 19)
  • ASMs will evaluate Scout Spirit for each Scout using criteria for rank sought
    • Be ready to discuss how you demonstrated Scout Spirit appropriate to that rank

Board of Review:

  • BOR Members will not conduct Review if:
    • Camping and Service Logs are not completed
    • Any rank requirement signatures are without date
    • More than 25% of rank requirements not entered into computer
  • BOR Members will evaluate Scout Spirit for each Scout using criteria for rank sought
    • Be ready to discuss how you demonstrated Scout Spirit appropriate to that rank
  • Full Class A uniform required
  • Remember to bring a pen!

Memorial Day Parade: 830am, Monday, May 30

  • Eagle Scout Tim Joyce will lead Pledge of Allegiance from the Township Podium
  • Two T75 Scouts still needed for wreath laying: Name, Rank, School
  • Gather at Cranford Community Center front door at 800am for flag distribution
  • No Troop barbeque will be held if not supported by volunteer help
  • Alternative: gather afterward at VFW Hall for hotdogs and refreshments

Summer Camp Medical Forms Due at June 6 Mandatory Parents Meeting

  • Mandatory Parents Meeting in CUMC Rand Hall rescheduled to Monday June 6 at 8pm
  • Required for review and collection of medical and merit badge selection forms
  • Fill out Annual Medical Form electronically and provide copy of doctor-signed hardcopy
  • Provide selection of merit badges to be scheduled

June Camping: Ricketts Glen Pennsylvania: June 10-12

  • Permission Form will be made available on Troop website

Beach Jam Cancellation

  • Alternative choices for attending: June 17-19, October 16-18 or Spring 2017
  • Please provide selection ASAP to Mrs. Joyce

Merit Badge Books Needed

Please deliver to Troop Librarian Rob McNamara, Jr.

Upcoming Outings and Events:

Memorial Day Parade: 830am, Monday, May 30
  • Help needed for Troop 75 Barbeque in Nomahegan Park following the Parade

Summer Camp Medical Forms Due by June 6, 8:00 PM Parents Meeting (Note the date change)

  • Required for Mandatory Parents/Final Form Collection Meeting
  • Fill out electronically and provide copy of signed hardcopy

Return by June 2 Troop meeting

Ricketts Glen (June 10-12) Permission Form and check payable to “Troop 75”