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Meeting Information

Next Meeting:

Thursday, November 19, 7:30 PM


Class B
Shark Patrol

Meeting Topics


Patrol Work: GAME NIGHT

Balloon Battle Royale Rules

  • Rules to be provided
  • Patrol vs. Patrol

Patrol Goals for This Meeting

  • Win!!

Merit Badge Work for This Meeting

Mr. Duffy will be conducting Citizenship in the Nation for all of those who are interested


Winnebago Camping
  • Return all gear to Room 8 for inspection by Troop Quartermaster

Holiday Feast Permission Form

  • Form needs to be returned by November 19 Troop meeting.  See the "Trip Info" page for details.

Ski Trip Permission Form

  • Form needs to be returned by February 4, 2016 Troop meeting. See the "Trip Info" page for details.

Philmont 2017

  • Parents Meeting during November 19 Troop meeting: 730pm, Room 8
  • 4 Scouts needed, 3 Adult Leaders for 2nd Crew

Munsee Popcorn Distribution

  • Thanks to Zach S. for helping out with popcorn pickup orders for Packs and Troops on Saturday

Merit Badge Signups

  • 15 Scouts seeking Merit Badges!
  • ADULT HELP NEEDED: make arrangements and scheduling with MB Counselors
  • Counselors to be invited for Personal Management, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, First Aid, Sports, Swimming, Railroading, Game Design, Medicine, Emergency Prep, Personal Fitness, Cooking, Bird Watching, Family Life

PLC Meeting Outcome

  • PLs to obtain phone numbers of Patrol members to call and remind about upcoming Troop Meeting

ASPLs to train and provide guidance to Troop Scribe, Historian, Librarian, Quartermaster, Chaplain’s Aide, OA Rep, Leave No Trace Trainer



Upcoming Outings and Events:

Nov. 21: District Merit Badge Fair