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Meeting Information


Thursday September 22nd Troop Meeting

Troop Meeting Plan

Meeting Prep:
 - PLs: Call Patrol members to remind about attending the Troop Meeting
Service Patrol
: Dragon Patrol
 - Bugler Call to Colors; Service Patrol Flag Ceremony

Patrol Decorum
: Class A
 - Uniform inspection at beginning of Troop meeting
 - All Patrols display Patrol flags
 - Patrol yell from all Patrols will be required at the beginning of the meeting so we know you’re here
Fill Appointed Positions:

Open Appointed Positions:
 - Leave No Trace Trainer
 - Junior Assistant Scoutmaster

Pending Appointed Positions:
 - Quartermaster:  Liam Lynch, Lucian Mahadeo
 - Webmaster:  Mikos Panagakos

Current Appointed Positions:
 - Chaplain Aide:  Trevor Tobias
 - Historian:  Declan Fowler
 - Librarian:  Rob McNamara, Jr
 - OA Representative:  Trevor Martin
 - Troop Guide:  Thomas Cutro
 - Troop Guide:  Trevor Martin            

Confirmed Appointed Positions:
 - Scribe:  Peter DePonte
 - Instructor:  Scott Weichert
 - Buglers:  Lucian Mahadeo, Zach Shectman

Confirmation of Appointed Positions:

- PLC to assess performance of Current Appointees and qualifications of Pending Appointees
- Current Appointees need to attend the PLC to discuss their goals for the position and be reconfirmed or risk removal
- Pending Appointees need to attend the PLC to discuss their goals for the position and be confirmed

Patrol Meeting Plan

All Patrols:
Continue competitive team building activity (Lashing) that also satisfies Rank Requirements

New Scout Patrol
 - Ask ASM and Troop Guides to help
 - Plan a day hike
 - Work on Scout Rank requirements together

Current Scout Patrol:
 - Work with ASM to plan a day hike
 - Work on Scout Rank requirements together
 - Work with ASM to Finalize overnight trips and pick a date to go

Older Scout Patrol:
Plan a special trip

Troop Reminders

Scout Handbooks:
 - All Scouts bring in Handbooks and place on stage for safekeeping
 - Inform Ms. Macri of any advancement updates to record

Scoutmaster Conferences and Board of Review
 - Put name on list on stage
 - Scoutmaster may assign ASM for conference

Merit Badge Books Needed
Please deliver to Troop Librarian Rob McNamara, Jr.

Troop Events

Ongoing Scout and Adult Leader Registration
Troop Registration form, Medical forms (Part A&B only, with Insurance Card copy) and (for Scouts only) check payable to “Troop 75”

CUMC Cleanup Day: Saturday, Oct 1, 9am-12N
All Order of the Arrow Scouts are expected to attend, providing cheerful service to our Charter Organization
 - Service hours are available for all

Munsee District Camporee Decathlon: Oct 7-9
 - Combines overnight camping, team-building and competitive sport activities at Watchung Scout Reservation
 - Online registration is open, access via link below or in Troop Calendar

Washington DC Trip: Oct 14-16
 - Permission Form available on Troop website
 - Limited to 30 attendees (Scouts and parents)

Climbing Day: Saturday, Oct 22
 - Location: Gravity Vault, Chatham
 - Permission form available online via Troop calendar link

Spaghetti Dinner: Friday, Oct 28
 - Tickets distributed at Sept 22 Troop meeting need to be sold far and wide
 - Sell as many as quickly as possible

Due Dates (Forms Available Online)

Where are all the Forms?
All forms can be found on the Troop website (see link below)

Return by Oct 6 Troop meeting
Washington DC (Oct 14-16) Permission Form and check payable to “Troop 75”

Return by Oct 20 Troop meeting
Climbing Day (Oct 22) Permission Form and check payable to “Troop 75”

Important Links

Troop website

Troop Calendar:

Munsee District Decathlon: