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Eagles’ Nest

Who Are Your Fellow Eagle Scouts?  See in the video above

Congratulations to our newest Eagle Scouts, Tim J. (#135) and Chris B. (#136).  They will be the on the troop's newly expanded Eagle Honor Roll plaque (#3). 

Keep up the hard work to Alec S., Andrew T., Dan L., Mark G. and Trevor M.

College Scholarships available to Eagle Scouts

What does it mean to be an Eagle Scout? Click here for an excerpt from a speech given by Troop 75 Eagle Scout Evan Shulz during his Eagle Court of Honor on January 8, 2012.

Step #1 - Need some Eagle Project inspiration?  
Mr. Hoffmann has compiled a list of online resources that you can search. These will provide hundreds of good ideas.  For a copy of the list, click here.

Step #2 - Ready to work on the project proposal?
For a copy of the new Eagle Scout Project workbook, click here (download for PC or Mac).  Contact the Scoutmaster to be assigned an adult leader "Eagle Coach" who will help to guide you every step of the way.

Step #3 - Ready for the ceremony?
For a guide to setting up Eagle Scout ceremony, click here (revised January, 2015)
For a list of supplies needed for the ceremony, click here (revised January, 2015) 

For a "sample Eagle Ceremony script" (MS Word format, can be modified), click here