All scouts who are planning to go to Summer Camp, please bring in the merit badge worksheet plan (see attachment), filled out with the merit badges you plan to work on in summer camp. The worksheet is attached, as is the Class Catalog.
Your scout should be working on a minimum of 3 merit badges and a max of 7.
See prerequisites which your scout needs to complete prior to camp. For younger scouts, work on 1 Eagle Required MB and the rest choose ones that are of interest to help the scout learn the MB earning process. See Mr. Gard and or Mr. Doyle to discuss your Merit Badge choices.

Note for Scouts working on the following Merit Badges:

We will be working on the Citizenship of the Nation Merit Badge on 22 May (separate meeting Wednesday night). See Mr. Gard at the meeting.

For Scouts who have worked on the Emergency Preparedness, MB Counselor should be present tomorrow night.
Plan for 16 May:

1 - 16 May Board of Review
2 - Last Chance for Trip forms for due for May 15-17 Mount Allamuchy Scout Reservation Mt. Biking (rentals available or bring your own Mountain Bike and Helmet) so far only 2 participants!
3 - Trip forms collected for Beach Jam - Need good participation
4 - Panther Patrol work on achieving next rank prior to the Court of Honor
5 - Plan rest of the scout year
6 - Commit to supporting Nick Macchi Eagle Court of Honor, 2 June 3pm CUMC.
Plan for 23 May Meeting:

1 - pack trailer for Beach Jam, quartermaster makes sure chuck boxes are complete and tents are usable;
2 - Trip forms collected for Beach Jam - Need good participation
3 - Panther Patrol work on achieving next rank prior to the Court of Honor
4 - Plan rest of the scout year
5 - Board of Review
6 - Commit to supporting Nick Macchi Eagle Court of Honor, 2 June 3pm CUMC; township committee meeting with Eagle Recognition on 1 June..

Next trip:
17-19 May MASR Mountain Biking and Climbing
31 May - 2 June Beach Jam Wildwood NJ
27 June-11 July P Hrycak and O Hrycak Philmont Scout Camp Crew 629 Z-1
21-27 July Summer Camp, WSR

Good news!

A Scout is Reverent
There are opportunities to earn a religious award from your domination. Mr. Andy Koneski will be meeting for awards for Roman Catholics starting in the summer.
Contact him at if you son is interested or if you want information about awards from other dominations.
General information can be found here: ‎

Parent Coordination:
Township Committee Meetings to Recognize Eagle Scouts
11 June Nick Macchi Joseph Gannon

Participation by Troop 75 Scouts; arrive by 7:15; meetings begin at 7:30, starting with a flag ceremony led by Scouts. Scout Participation done by 8:00PM.
Scouts working on the Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge stay for the whole meeting (until about 830 pm).

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Eagles’ Nest

Who Are Your Fellow Eagle Scouts?  See in the video above.

    Congratulations to Troop 75's newest Eagle Scouts, Robbie M. (#145), Scott W. (#146), Mikos P. (#147), Keegan M. (#148), Joe G. (#149), Brendan H. (#150), Lucian M. (#151) and Alec S. (#152).  Their names will be proudly displayed the on Troop 75's newly expanded Eagle Honor Roll (Eagle Plaque #3).  Keep up the hard work to Luke O., Peter D. and Thomas C.!

    What does it mean to be an Eagle Scout? Click here for an excerpt from a speech given by Troop 75 Eagle Scout Evan Shulz during his Eagle Court of Honor on January 8, 2012.

    College Scholarships available to Eagle Scouts

Calling all Life Scouts! – Start Your Journey to Eagle Today!

Do you need some service project inspiration?

Review the Guide to Eagle Project Inspiration—this invaluable guide includes hundreds of great service project ideas and potential project beneficiaries. 

Are you ready to work on your service project?
Contact the Scoutmaster to be assigned an “Eagle Coach”—Your Eagle Coach is an adult leader who will guide you every step of the way on your path to becoming an Eagle Scout.

  • Click HERE for a copy of the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook (download for PC or Mac)—the project workbook contains invaluable information to help guide you toward successfully completing your service project (*requirement #5 on your journey from Life to Eagle) as well as specific sections for preparing and presenting your project proposal (an overview of your project), project plan (how you plan to carry out the project) and fundraising application (if applicable), and your project report (a summary of the completed project)   

*While a Life Scout, plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a service project helpful to any religious institution, any school, or your community (other than Boy Scouting)…”

  • Important—Your project must receive all required approvals before you can begin work on the project—namely, approval by the project beneficiary, Scoutmaster, Committee Chair and Troop 75 Committee as well as the Munsee District Advancement Committee
  • See your Eagle Coach for suggestions on filling out the service project workbook information

You’ve completed your service project – Great!  But what’s next?
You’re almost ready to schedule your Eagle board of review!  But first there’s some paperwork to finalize, namely:

  1. Complete your Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook—finalize all sections of the workbook, as required
  2. Prepare your “statement of ambitions and life purpose”—which, in conjunction with and in preparation for your Eagle board of review, completes requirement #7 on your journey from Life to Eagle
  3. Request a copy of your Individual Advancement Report from the Troop 75 Advancement Coordinator—This report is needed to prepare your Eagle Scout Rank Application
  4. Prepare your Eagle Scout Rank Application—This document details how you fulfilled requirement #s 1 through 7 on your journey from Life to Eagle
  5. Obtain a copy of your Recognition of Service Certificate—Once your service project is finished, complete the Eagle Scout Service Hours Report form and email it to the Troop 75 Advancement Coordinator, who will then prepare your Recognition of Service Certificate

Contact your Eagle Coach or the Troop 75 Advancement Coordinator with any questions.  And see the Patriots Path Council Policy for Submission of Eagle Documents for more information on the above paperwork.  Once these 5 documents are completed and presented to Council for review – Congratulations!  You are ready to schedule (via your Eagle Coach) your Eagle board of review!

Are you ready to plan your Court of Honor?
Congratulations!  You’ve earned the rank of Eagle Scout!  It’s time to celebrate your achievement!

  • Click HERE for a guide to preparing for the Eagle Scout ceremony (revised January 2019)
  • Click HERE for a list of supplies needed for the ceremony (revised January 2019)
  • Click HERE for a "sample Eagle Ceremony script" (MS Word format, can be modified

Other Helpful Online Eagle Scout Resources:

  • Click HERE to see the BSA’s Eagle Rank requirements—summarizes the 7 steps to attaining the rank of Eagle Scout
  • Click HERE to see Section 9 of the BSA Guide to Advancement, “The Eagle Scout Rank”—the BSA’s everything-you-need-to-know guide for advancing to the rank of Eagle Scout
  • Click HERE for the Patriots Path Council’s “Trail to Eagle”—this online resource is for advancement committee folks, but includes information and links to forms and other resources that you may find helpful