Last Weeks Meeting: Toy Drive!

Please see attachment with update from our Toys for Tots toy drive!

This week: Our Annual Holiday Party!

The uniform is Class B.

Each scout is to bring a wrapped present of nominal value ($5-$10) for distribution in our Silent Santa. Make sure gifts are appropriate but still have fun.

We will be having pizza and refreshments.

Mrs. Begley will coordinate desert/snacks/drinks so please email at <> to let the troop know what you will be bringing to the party.

Need a head count tomorrow to help us order the pizza so please let us know if you will be participating (send to the CC line and myself only).

A board of review is also being conducted, any scout who participates in a BOR must be in a full Class A (Several Eagle Candidates).

Remember that the holidays are a great time to relax and be with friends and family and pause from day to day activities.

Always remember the Scout Slogan, "Do a Good Turn Daily"!
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  1. Information Presentation  
  2. Registration Form and Checklist
  3. Class Catalog
  4. Planning Spreadsheet: this is a copy from last year, there may be small changes


  1. Patriots Path site for Troop Camping: includes allergy forms, camp map, etc.
  2. Troop Registration: includes link to class catalog


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